Hi, I’m Angela. OurKitchenStories.com is a personal project because the kitchen is one my favorite places in a home setting.

I am sure a lot of people feel the same way because the kitchen can be referred to as the heart in every home. It’s the place where we prepare food and it can also replace the main dining room for small meals and snacks. As the room where family members often bond with each other, it can even seem as the family room. See what I mean?

For this particular blog, I am going to focus on the kitchen. As you can already tell, it will cover a lot of things from food and drinks to appliances to decoration and renovation. Yep, it’s basically anything goes!

I also encourage everyone to participate in the discussions here so that we can all learn from each other. And should you find the information here useful, feel free to share the articles with your friends.

Remember, this is OUR KITCHEN, and we are all here to help and assist one another.

Let’s make OurKitchenStories.com the go-to place for anything and everything about kitchen.

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