Blender Buying Guide

Even if a blender is just a simple kitchen appliance, it doesn’t mean that you can just buy any blender without investigating first. I did that once, and I ended up with a cheap and unreliable unit. Please, don’t make the same mistake!

As with all types of kitchen appliances, it’s important to look at the power or wattage of a particular blender. With a high powered device, the chances of having smoothies with a lot of leftover chunks will be minimized. Furthermore, low-powered units run the risk of overheating when used continuously for a long time. And the motor can also burn if you are processing hard ingredients.

Needless to say, the technology used in the production of the blender is very important too. Although you can get by with a few simple buttons like high, low, and pulse, having multiple settings will provide you with more flexibility when preparing different types of recipes in your blender. Those models that are equipped with a centrifugal technology are also easier and more efficient to use as fruits and vegetables are mixed more thoroughly even without having to manually push some of the ingredients down during the process of blending.

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And, if you don’t know it yet, a blender is such a versatile appliance that it can be used in making a lot of recipes aside from green smoothies. I use my blender in making tomato sauce/ spaghetti sauce, dips, dressings, and milk shakes.

If you have a baby, you will also find a blender useful in making baby food. Yes, using natural ingredients for baby food is way better than preserved baby food (and I’m sure they’re tastier too).

So again, check on the power and blending options when buying a blender. And if you’re buying online, make sure that you look at the customer reviews too. You can pretty much rely on the customer reviews on sites like because consumers are really helping one another by providing honest reviews of products bought on Amazon.

A blender is a must-have in every household, so I would suggest getting the best brand and model that you can afford. The good news is that there are so many blenders to choose from these days, so there’s definitely a model that would fit in your budget.


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