Choosing and Using a Blender – What You Should Know

A blender is a great kitchen appliance for making smoothies, that’s already given. But if you like milkshakes and ice cream, you can do those in a blender too. Depending on the type of unit that you have, you can also make baby food, salad dressings, soups, sauces, marinades, AND SO MUCH MORE!

In fact, the really powerful units can even make spreads, pâtés, and batter. And there are even those that can be used for grinding wheat and coffee – but you’ll have to read the user manual first in order to find out if your unit is capable of all those things.

Fortunately, a blender is very simple to operate. Once the ingredients are inside, all you need to do is turn the power on.

Now, depending on a unit’s design, it can just be an on/off operation or there can be several options. The best blender to get would be one with adjustable speeds (from low to high) so that you can choose the best setting for a particular recipe.

How to Use a Blender

Practical Features of the Best Blenders

You need to consider the size of a blender when looking out to buy one. If it’s only for personal use, or if you have limited space at home, there are compact units that would work well in preparing smoothies and other types of drinks and recipes. A 14-ounce capacity will suffice for a big glass of drink, so you can look for such models.

If you have a big family, on the other hand, you definitely want to get a blender that comes with a big jar. I would recommend a 70-ounce jar (more or less).

You should also look at the base and overall height and width of the unit to make sure that it’s stable enough to handle the vibration of blending ingredients. Remember, you will place the unit on your kitchen counter, so there should be enough space to hold the unit while in operation.

Paying close attention to the jar or canister is important too. Note that jars that are too deep and narrow can be hard to clean. This is especially true if there are some trapped ingredients at the bottom of the container.

And if the jar is not efficiently designed, pouring out drinks can be quite troublesome too, as spilling accidents might be unavoidable. That’s why looking for models that come with jars that are designed with a spout or lip can be extremely important.

How Important Are Warranties?

Warranties are definitely important when getting appliances – and that includes blenders. Companies with good reputation and track record such as Blendtec and Vitamix often offer lifetime warranties; so investing on a Blentec blender and Vitamix blender, even if these are quite expensive, can be considered practical and economical in the long run.

There are also manufacturers that simply offer warranties on the blender’s blade system; and that’s actually good too. You see, with this type of warranty, you won’t need to worry about the unit’s blades getting dull or corroded.

Accessories for the Best Smoothie Blender

Blenders typically come in a complete set, so you really don’t need to invest in additional accessories. If you want to bring your green smoothies or any type of drink when you leave the house, however, it would be good to get some traveling cups or mugs for this purpose. There are even models of personal blenders that can be converted into traveling mugs for utmost convenience and practicality.

Getting the Blender that Suits Your Lifestyle

The type of blender that you choose would really depend on your overall lifestyle. If you have the budget for it, go for the really popular brands that also come with lifetime warranties.

If you plan to make lots and lots of drinks on your blender, it would be more practical to get a high-powered and high-speed model that can prepare large batches of drinks quickly. You can always store drinks for later consumption.

Personal-sized blenders can be very practical too, since these are easy to manage. Small units are easy to clean and store. So it’s really up to you.

Because blenders are very affordable, a lot of people are keeping an extra one or two to handle specific jobs in the kitchen. So just take your time in choosing the best blender for you.

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