How to Make Delicious Smoothies in a Blender

Although the type of blender that you have will play an important role as to the quality of drinks that you can make, there are some rules and techniques that you can follow in order to have a smooth and perfect smoothie.

To avoid having chunky pieces of ingredients in your drinks, make sure that the soft and leafy components are put inside the blender first. This way, the liquefied ingredients can help pulverize the large and hard pieces more effectively.

Putting ice and frozen fruits near the end of the process will also make the drink more enjoyable as a chilled beverage. The blending time will also depend on the texture that you wish to achieve.

How to Make Delicious Smoothies

You can blend all the ingredients together until the mixture is very smooth. And if you find that it’s too thick for your taste, you can add some water while in the process of blending. This should be done carefully and gradually, however, as you wouldn’t want to end up with a watery and very thin smoothie.

If your blender is not that powerful, it would help if you chop up the ingredients first. This way, the blender’s motor won’t get overworked and the results will be smoother too.

And hey, I have a secret ingredient that I would like to share with you – banana! You know what, this is a magic ingredient because it makes the taste and texture of any kind of drink better. Just try it!

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